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Classroom to Community

Agriculture and Related Sciences educates future scientists while helping the community.

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Opportunities in Ag & Related Sciences
Median wage for Ag & food scientists
U.S. employment in Ag & Related Sciences

Experience Ghana

Experience Ghana

For four years and counting, the Department of Agriculture and Related Sciences has sponsored a trip to Ghana. The inspiration of the experience has expanded beyond our department.

DSU Small Farms

DSU Small Farms

The Small Farms Program aims to provide small and limited resource farmers in the community with new opportunities. One of our projects includes a study on the benefits of drying and storing pole lima beans for the upcoming season.

A DSU Legacy

Dr. Ulysses S. Washington, Jr.

Dr. Ulysses S. Washington, Jr. began his tenure at Delaware State College in 1949 and his legacy continues to influence future scientists and extend research-based knowledge to Delawareans.

Research & Capabilities

The scope of faculty research ranges from molecular investigations in genomics to organismal research in plant and animal sciences; from ecosystem microcosm studies of pond water to food and nutrition sciences to fashion merchandising; and from habitat restoration to population biology and the tracking of songbirds, bats, marine and freshwater fish and shellfish.

Agricultural Research

Agricultural Research

Learn more about plant and soil research conducted on our 13-acre Aquaculture Research and Demonstration Facility. The facility also supports research in aquaculture, fisheries and outreach.

Natural Resources Research

Natural Resources Research

Learn more about our fisheries, environmental and wildlife research.

  • Environmental Cooperative Science Center  
  • Living Marine Resource Cooperative Science Center

Food, Nutrition and Dietetic Research

Food, Nutrition, and Dietetic Research

Learn more about how food and nutrition play a large role in your life.

  • The Value and Conservation of Bats  
  • Sweet Potato as an Alternative Agricultural Enterprise in Delaware

Cooperative Extension

Cooperative Extension

The Cooperative Extension Program at DSU preserves the 1890 land-grant legacy of outreach education in Delaware by targeting diverse audiences, with special emphasis on those with limited resources, to help them improve their quality of life.

Student Opportunities & Scholarships

We admit many types of students into the DSU family, each with their own unique goals and aspirations. To help our students meet their needs, we have various opportunities for students to get involved with activities specific to their chosen field.

Early Childhood Laboratory School

This is an opportunity to learn from experience what is best for early childhood education, for both educators and parents/guardians.

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CARS Clubs

Clubs are a great way to get involved with your college and build your resume.

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Student Scholarships

There are various scholarships available for students.

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