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Agriculture, BS

The Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources offers undergraduate study in Agriculture with concentrations in:

  • Agri-Business
  • Agriscience Education
  • Animal & Poultry Science
  • Equine Business Management
  • General Agriculture
  • Plant Science: Agronomy
  • Plant Science: Horticulture
  • Pre-Veterinary Science

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Food and Nutritional Sciences, BS

The Food and Nutritional Science (FNS) program is housed in the Department of Human Ecology. A baccalaureate degree in Food and Nutritional Sciences is conferred upon completion of all required courses. The department offers three undergraduate options within the Food and Nutritional Sciences program, Coordinated Program in Dietetics, Nutritional Science and Food Science.

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Natural Resources, BS

The Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources offers undergraduate study in Natural Resources with concentrations in:

  • Environmental Science
  • Fisheries Management
  • Wildlife Management

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Textiles and Apparel Studies, BS

The TAS program provides students opportunity to develop professional skills in communication, analytical thinking, teamwork and ethical behavior that sustain graduates as they apply management and marketing theory, and business principles to the global fashion industry.

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Agriculture, MS

The road to finding the career you want can be challenging, but it is easier with the right education and training. Such is the case with the education and training you will receive with a master’s degree in either Plant Science or Animal Science from Delaware State University.

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Food Science, MS

The master’s degree program in Food Science at Delaware State University prepares graduates with a BS degree in Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, or Food and Nutritional Sciences for an excellent career in the high-tech food industry.

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Natural Resources, MS

The Master of Science in Natural Resources, a program of the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, is designed to be a flexible degree that can meet the advanced educational goals of a wide range of students. The program was developed to provide advanced study and experience in natural resources management, field ecology, environmental science, and related fields that are not readily available at other local colleges and universities.

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