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CARS Clubs

Student organizations within the College:

  • CARS Ag Ambassadors - Flagship, student mentoring organization
    ameredith [at] desu.edu (Mr. Alex Meredith, Advisor)
  • Collegiate FFA  (Campus chapter of national student agriculture organization)
    rbarczewski [at] desu.edu (Dr. Richard Barczewski), Advisor
    ameredith [at] desu.edu (Mr. Alex Meredith), Co-Advisor
  • FAN (Food and Nutrition Club)
    Human Ecology Department 
    Dr. Bettina Taylor, Advisor
  • MANRRS (Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences)
    cowens [at] desu.edu (Mrs. Chandra Owens), Advisor
  • Republic of Fashion (Textile and Apparel Studies club)
    jchandler [at] desu.edu (subject: Republic%2520of%2520Fashion) (Ms. Jasmine Chandler), Advisor
  • Pre-Vet Club (for students interested in veterinary medicine)
    rbarczewski [at] desu.edu (Dr. Richard Barczewski), Advisor